Custom Application Development

Every business is unique, has unique needs that in many circumstances off-the-shelf packages could not meet, custom solutions could help to closing the gaps, transforming ideas into reality and help business gains competitive advantages.

Services we offer

  • Legacy Application Solutions to help company minimizing the risk of replacing legacy system. Replacing legacy system is an expensive and high-risk process specially where the legacy systems have been the core of business operation for a long period of time that business couldn’t afford to take the risks of business interruption. Instead of replacing the legacy system with a new system in a One-Step approach, the RHAN would help by Evolving approach. Our domain expert will study and identify the pitfalls of your legacy systems and apply an appropriate methodology, such as System Modernization to keep the skeleton of the legacy system and repaint the frontend interface with new business logics and functionalities. Or Hybrid system to develop new plug-in modules integrating with legacy system to improve operating efficiency as well as increase functionalities of business intelligence.

  • Android & iOS App Development

  • Web Design & Development

  • BI Reporting

We offer very competitive custom build packages with Not Satisfied No Payment service guarantee

Other Services

ERP Solution

System Consultation

Project Management

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